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At Minor Med, we are committed to saving you time and money. Call ahead for a place in line. We can’t give you an exact appointment time, but we’ll make a good guess based on the patients ahead of you. Then we’ll offer friendly, competent service, generic prescriptions where appropriate, and no expensive tests just to protect ourselves from lawsuits.​

Save Time When Visiting the Office

Walk in, no appointment necessary!

All patients to Minor Med will need to fill out a patient registration sheet upon their arrival. To help expedite your visit, you can download and fill out this or other forms before you come in.

Our goal is to save you time and money!

Complete Hours Anchor

Complete Hours


New hours due to Covid 19

Weekdays: 9AM - 8PM

Weekends: 1PM - 5PM

We are Closed

New Year's

Easter Sunday

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor day



Christmas Eve 9 AM-1 PM

New Years Eve 9 AM-4 PM

Our Providers

Dr. Stubbs no longer works at Minor Med. He is now in independent practice as a primary care physician in the same building. Dr. Stubbs's office can be reached at 785-256-9560.

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